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Welcome to Talisman

We design and manufacture a unique range of equipment for use in pottery and ceramics industries in our workshop on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. Our range of pottery equipment includes the Talisman Rotary Sieve™ for mixing pottery and ceramics glazes and slips, hand sieves, test sieves, glazing woks, raku tongs, and more.

Our products are available through pottery and ceramics supplies resellers around the world. If you don't see them at your preferred local or online pottery equipment and supplies house please contact us and we will tell you where you can buy Talisman products in your area.

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Our Products:

The Talisman Rotary Sieve™ available with a range of interchangeable mesh screen filters for mixing glazes and slips of all types.

Talisman Hand Sieve with optional spatula for hand-mixing of glazes and slips. Shares the same range of interchangeable stainless steel mesh sieve screens as used in the Rotary Sieve.

Test Sieves for mixing smaller batches of glazes and slips.

Glazing Woks in a range of sizes and shapes.

Raku Tongs for raku firing of different size and shape pots and vases

Our Customers Say:

"Mixing more glazes for the last glaze load this week. So grateful for this Talisman sieve every time I use it. Don't know how I worked without one."
~Nancy Gallagher, Nancy Gallagher Pottery 

"Cannot believe I have lived so long without a Talisman sieve. Used mine for the first time to sieve my casting slip. Truly unbelievable. 10 minutes to do what used to take close to an hour."
~ John Shirley, John Shirley Ceramics

I tend to prefer non-gadgety equipment, but I must say I was pleased with my Talisman. Seems solid and well designed upon use.
~ Erik Wold, Pottery by Erik Wold

I have had a talisman sieve for years and it is still going strong, I haven't had to change the brushes yet....I definitely can recommend to others.
~ Caroline Whitehouse, C.A. Whitehouse Pottery and Sculpture