Potters Wheel Accessories

Wheel Seat

The adjustable seat shown at right nas been designed for the Talisman pottery wheel. It is fitted simply by removing two nuts on the side of the wheel cabinet, fitting the stool frame and replacing the nuts.

The seat is adjustable for height by removing one steel rod, raising or lowering the seat and replacing the rod in the appropriate hole. Adjustment horizontally is made simply by sliding the seat assembly backward or forward on the tubular steel frame. The seat can also be adjusted from a horizontal position to one slightly tilted toward the wheel, by moving and replacing a steel rod. Although most stools have horizontal seats, we believe that a slight tilt on the seat is an advantage. With this stool you have your choice. The seat itself is a vinyl-covered sponge pad.

Banding Wheel

The banding wheel at left has a wheelhead identical with that on the standard Talisman wheel, and lifts on and off a tapered base in the same way. The base is broad and stable and the shaft runs in two sealed ball bearings. You can buy the base only and use the wheelhead off your Talisman wheel, or you can have it complete with wheelhead and thus have a second wheelhead to use on the Talisman wheel when the banding wheel is not in use.

Lotus Wheelhead

Shown right is an alternative wheelhead for the Talisman wheel. It lifts on and off like the standard wheelhead, but is 35cm in diameter and is recessed to take specially made batts which fit in flush and can be lifted out by pushing up from underneath. The batts are 12mm thick. The wheelhead is also higher than the standard head, so that with a thick batt in the recess, an extra large batt can be superimposed to extend beyond the edges of the bowl.