Portable Electric Potters Wheel

Special Features

Performance: The Talisman potters wheel performs well. Despite its light weight it has ample power to throw 11 or 12kg (24-26.5 lb), or more, of clay and it has good torque throughout its speed range of from 10 rpm to more than 220 rpm.

Portability: With all detachable parts (tray, wheelhead, pedals, feet) removed, the machine weighs only 24kg (53lb). It can be carried about easily by one person, and will pass through the door of any car and sit safely on the seat (pic 2)

Removeable Tray, Wheelhead: The wheelhead lifts off for cleaning or for easy removal of a pot. Extra wheelheads are available. The tray is equally removeable, both for cleaning and easy transport. It is shaped for the most comfortable working position. With tray removed, a batt to 91cm (3ft) in diameter can be used for extra large pots.

Speed Control: Steady speed control is a special feature. There is a pedal for each foot, one for acceleration, the other for deceleration. Thus one foot acts as a "stabiliser" on the other, giving exceptionally positive control, particularly at very slow speeds.

Extra Slow Speed: Workable torque comes into operation at speeds as low as 10rpm and the speed lock will hold this speed indefinately, so that decoration work can be done with work on the wheelhead. Maximum speed is in excess of 220rpm.

Speed Lock: This allows the speed to be held at any point within its range so that you can take your feet off the pedals, as when standing up throwing tall pots.

Replacement of Drive Tyre: Speed variation is through the ring/cone principle and the tyre is a rubber type specially moulded from highest grade natural rubber for the Talisman wheel. It has a good life of up to 400 hours work and can be removed and replaced without tools in a minute. Spare drive tyres are available.

Maintenance: There is virtually none. All ball bearings are seal-for-life, and slow movement bearings are of graphite impregnated nylon, needing no lubrication. Belt tension adjustment is simple, and isn't likely to be needed more than once in its life.

Seat: There is no built-in seat. This is deliberate in the design, partly because of the emphasis on portability, but mainly because the potter can best provide a seat to suit his or her individual comfort. For average-sized people a dining chair with a low cushion is about right. However, an easily attached seat is available as an optional extra, with adjustment for height, tilt and backward and forward movement (pic 3).

Manual: A useful manual including photos comes with the wheel.



Split phase 230v AC, ball bearing, resistant mount, dynamically balanced, 1/2HP.


Drive tyre/cone principle. Cone is machined aluminium casting, tyre is natural rubber specially moulded for Talisman. Easily replaceable without tools.


Machined cast aluminium, lifts off. Diameter 25.4cm (10"). Special screw-up studs for quick fitting of batts.


Moulded fibreglass, removeable.

Speed Control

Exclusive two-pedal operation gives absolute control over variable speed. Locking knob for holding at any speed without foot control when needed.


Drive tyre wheel and wheelhead shafts: sealed for life ball bearings. Pedal and other pivot shafts: graphite-impregnated nylon bushes. No lubrication needed.


Plywood 18mm thick, stained and lacquered.


33kg complete packed.

Work Capacity

Up to 12Kg clay (approximately 25lb).


Special locking device for motor carriage holds mechanism rigid allowing machine to travel upright or on any side without harm. Lightweight and specially designed cartons make freighting safe and economical.