Glaze Woks

Special Features

A glaze wok is a most useful aid for glazing large or small pots, using a very small amount of glaze. Available in two sizes, made either from aluminium or indestructable white plastic (the same material that the Talisman rotary and hand sieves are made from).

Using the Glaze Wok

Place wok on a large, empty, unlidded bucket for stability. Fill with required amount of glaze. Proceed with glazing process and as the glaze is used up, tilt the wok on the bucket to enable smallest amounts of glaze left to still be used (pic 2).

To glaze a very large object, rest two supports on the rim of the wok and place the piece to be glazed across these supports. Now the glaze can be poured over and collected in the wok.



Spun aluminium or white polyethylene plastic with rolled edge for strength and grip.

Size (in either material)

Large shallow - 630mm wide 175mm deep
Small deep - 450mm wide 230mm deep