Glaze and Slip Mixers

Special Features

These mixers are designed to mix large or small quantities of liquid glaze or slip to an even consistency with minimum effort. There are two types available - a drill powered mixer and a hand operated plunger, both made from stainless steel.

Drill Powered Mixer

This powerful mixer is ideal for making slips from lumps of plastic clay, mixing slip made from powder, making up new glazes and reconstituting stiff glazes.

Using the drill powered mixer: The liquid to be mixed should be in a stable, flat, wide bucket tyoe container that has fairly straight sides. Use mixer firmly locked into a drill and submerge beater into liquid before turning the drill on. Turn the drill off before lifting out of the solution to avoid splattering. The mixer is designed so that it will not damage the side of the bucket.

Hand Operated Plunger

This cleverly designed plunger will mix new glazes, or agitate glazes that have settled out. Useful also where gentle slip stirring is required.

Using the hand operated plunger: Once again, the liquid to be mixed should be in a stable, flat, wide based bucket type container with straight sides. Just by moving the plunger up and down in the bucket of liquid, the mixture will be stirred.



Stainless steel


Drill powered mixer - length 415mm
Diameter of beater blade - 100mm
Diameter of shaft - 8mm

Hand operated plunger - length 701mm
Diameter of plunger plate - 220mm
Diameter of shaft - 10mm