Clay Extruder

Special Features

The Talisman clay extruder is a very useful and versatile tool for potters. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, it is easy to clean and has a wide range of dies to choose from. It is simple to use for a wide range of applications.

Using the Clay Extruder: After the cylinder is filled with clay, the hand-lever sits in the top slot of the channel. Pulling down on the hand lever moves the clay through the cylinder. The hand lever can then be placed into the next slot down (pic 1)

With solid extrusion dies the cylinder can be completely emptied, but with the hollow extrusion, care must be taken not to lower the plunger right down on the part of the die which protudes up into the cylinder.


The extruder (pic 2) comes with a set of four coiling dies - 6mm (1/4"), 9mm (5/16"), 12mm (1/2"), 18mm (3/4"), and one blank die, all made from acrylic.

A range of dies which produce solid extrusions in various shapes is also available as is a range of hollow extrusion dies.

Solid Extrusion Dies:

Dies are available for extruding the shapes shown full size, letters A-K. Order by quoting the appropriate letter. Blanks are available for cutting your own dies.

When using the extruder with these dies:

It is important to bed the die into the recessed extruder door.

Sit the rubber washer on top of the die. It will also sit comfortably into the recessed hinged door.

Close door securely using the butterfly nut.

Hollow Extrusion Dies:

Special dies are available for extruding hollow shapes (tubes) in the sizes and shapes shown, Nos T1 - T7.

When using the extruder with these dies:

Place the large rubber washer (that was supplied with the extruder) into the recess of the door.

Put the hollow extrusion die on top of the rubber washer in the recess.

Place the notched rubber washer over the hollow extrusion die, aligning notches with the metal centre joiners. It is important that this washer is sitting flat and comfortably in the door recess.



Red and black powder coated steel with dies made from acrylic and mild steel.


Overall length - 765mm
Diameter of barrel - 75mm
Weight - 4kg